Define the Brand

Branding creates impressions. Define your market and your potential. Marketing technology removes barriers for companies to build know, like and trust within their industry. Build systems and infrastructure and earn brand equity over the long term.


Know who you are speaking to and know them well. Envision and identify typical customers. Know their pains, joys, loyalties and culture. Also know the company persona. Define or redefine your company's core beliefs and standards.


Design is a choice. High design style or no design style must be considered in order to effectively appeal to a niche, stand out from the competition and build a community.


The voice of a company reaches an audience by way of logic, reason and ideas. How well does the company relate to consumers socially and what is the message?


The logo and tagline are the flag of the organization. We craft and implement logos and identity systems that convey your uniqueness and stand the test of time.

DiBaggio Design has decades of experience branding large and small companies and creating ideologies that inspire employees and build loyalty.

Before pursuing a multi-channel marketing initiative, ensure your brand identity is aligned and inspired.