Nurture and Convert Customers

Conversions improve with compelling offers, call to actions and landing pages. Serve prospect needs and improve sales by delivering in-demand content. Learn your customers' interests and attract and engage with meaningful content.

Content Offers

Publishing eBooks, Whitepapers and Webinars are ideal to fill a void in useful, educational content that is in demand and available on the internet. More creative solutions such as compelling contests, giveaways, and special offers as well as paid content do the job of peaking interest, driving traffic and converting leads.

Email Sequences

When a web visitor is interested in an offer they will opt in for more information. Responding late with an irrelevant email blast is not delivering value. Email sequences are a way of continuing the conversation and a compelling response to their expression of interest. A sequence is an unfolding story about your company that captivates and builds trust.

DiBaggio Design makes sense of your prospecting and customer relationship processes to improve and integrate them with convenient cloud-based software.

Prospects research online rather than through your sales process. Publish to be found.