Improve Performance

What can be measured can be improved. Know exactly what works and what doesn't work to consistently increase visitors and conversions. Track and test the effect of each marketing initiative, from SEO to email to content offers and social media.

Marketing Intelligence

Tracking web site visitor activity allows a salesperson to know a prospect's interests in real time. This intelligence allows follow up when a prospect is most ready to buy. Place a timely call or send an email with more information knowing their exact interest.

Conversion Optimization

Getting a higher percentage of conversions is not luck or aesthetics. Different layout, headline and copy variations yield distincly different results. Conversion Rate Optimization is simply A/B testing – two or more variations of the same offer, randomly generated, will generate different sets of metrics. These controlled tests on a live website will reveal consumer buying preferences so adjustments are optimized based on science, not intuition.

Analytics and Reporting

Know where your marketing effectiveness stands in real time. Stay informed on visits, leads, content, landing pages, blog posts, seo and top performing keywords, interpret the data to refocus efforts. Software as a Service can provide a single control panel for marketing intelligence, so the focus is on what matters most – content and blogging. Depending on available resources, a specific set of software services can provide the individual tools needed.

DiBaggio Design applies decades of experience in advertising, publishing and design to create calls to action and e-content that interests and informs readers.

Commit to a long term marketing strategy to measure and realize results over time.