Manage Information

Manage incoming information from all marketing channels and use that data effectively. Deploy software to capture information, build profiles and track web activity. Have knowledgeable people that can implement and respond in a timely manner.


A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) brings together lead and contact information from personal, social networks and web site sources. CRMs integrate with SaaS platforms to track web site visits, marketing and conversion history. Know their specific and timely interests, emails received and clicked, pages viewed, ebooks downloaded and webinars watched, and goals they have clicked. The more you know, the better you can respond.

Social CRM

A CRM unifies contacts, calendars, emails. A social CRM integrates social media  information and conversations into a CRM profile, allowing a much deeper understanding of your prospect or customer. It is a philosophy and a business strategy to proactively interect with communities and conversations as they occur and to engage with a customers on their preferred social platform.

DiBaggio Design makes sense of your prospecting and customer relationship processes to improve and integrate them with convenient cloud-based software.

Manage interactions with contacts and leads and know what interests them.